Giorgi Akhvlediani Society for the History of Linguistics

Goals and Tasks


Goals and Tasks of Giorgi Akhvlediani Society for the History of Linguistics

The goals of the society are to assist the scientific research of the history of linguistic semiotics and all the branches of the theoretic and applied linguistics; Also, the spheres of society interests include: the issues of the language philosophy, cognitive sciences, writing, stylistics and rithorics;
The tasks of the “Giorgi Akhvlediani society for the history of linguistics” are: To research the history of the Georgian linguistic points of view in connection with European and other linguistic traditions. To study the origin and development of the linguistic points of views and other points in connection with language and to ascertain all kind of the relations between them. To research the areal and typological characteristics of the linguistic points of view. Historical and synchronic approaches to the study of the influence of the extra-linguistic factors on all the fields of the language inner system. To assist the linguists and the students interested in linguistic issues in order to integrate with the international space; To organize the conferences, symposiums and seminars with the focus on the different questions of the history of linguistics.