Giorgi Akhvlediani Society for the History of Linguistics

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“Giorgi Akhvlediani society for the history of linguistics” is non-governmental, non-employer’s, non-profit  (noncommercial) homo legalis (judicial person), that fulfills its activity in accordance with Constitution of Georgia, jurisdiction of Georgia  and its statute. The authority of governance and representationof the current affairs of the society lays on the chairman (the same chairperson of the Socity board)  of the society: Tinatin Bolkvadze.

The member of the society can be the any resident of Georgia, who recognizes statuette of the society, shares the declared goals of the society,  participates in the activities of the society and pays membership dues.  Each member of the society is presented with one representative.

The members can be admitted by the Society Board on the bases of the registration form or the application for membership. The Society board discusses the question of the admission and approves it in the period of one month from completing  the application for membership

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