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7th Budapest Uralic Workshop

7th Budapest Uralic Workshop will be held in Budapest, Hungary, from February 3-€“5, 2014.

The workshop is organized by the Department of Finno-Ugric Studies and Historical Linguistics, Research Institute for Linguistics, Hungarian Academy Sciences. 

MA and PhD students are especially welcome. 

Abstract submisson deadline: 31 October 2013.

This three-day workshop provides a meeting place for researchers in the areas of Uralic studies to present their research findings in a stimulating and interactive environment. The workshop aims to promote collaborative opportunities between scholars, introduce new perspectives and reflect on current research and practice in various subfields of Uralic linguistics. The focus of this year’s workshop is on multilingual Uralic speakers who due to their contact with other languages prompt to innovate their own speech, induce structural change and thus shape the process of language change. Although societal and economic processes also influence the direction and pace of language change and the fate of a minority language and identity, the role of the individual is of utmost importance, especially in maintaining minority languages and identities. We invite papers from all relevant fields – in particular, sociolinguistics, contactology, typology and historical linguistics – investigating the following topics:

  • individual multilingualism

  • the multilingual speaker’s repertoire

  • the acquisition and maintenance of the multilingual repertoire

  • the linguistic and extra-linguistic factors affecting the multilingual repertoire and language change

  • the domains and norms of multilingual language use.

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