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ICLUGA-Linguistics Society at UGA's 2nd Interdisciplinary Conference in Linguistics


Linguistic Field(s): Anthropological Linguistics; Linguistic Theories; Sociolinguistics 
Date: 09-Nov-2015 - 11-Nov-2015
Location: Athens, GA, USA 
Call Deadline: 01-Jun-2015
Call for Papers:
The 2nd Interdisciplinary Linguistics Conference hosted by the Linguistics Society at the University of Georgia (ICLUGA) is pleased to announce a call for abstracts that emphasize research that bridges gaps between subfields or theories of linguistics.
Please send an abstract of no more than 500 words, and if your submission is chosen, please be prepared to give a twenty minute presentation on your research topic.
Meeting Description:
 Linguistics has diversified into an array of subfields, each of which exemplifies an important facet of the science. However, the need for diversity
and cooperation is ever-present. This conference aims to showcase linguistic experiences that have had positive results when incorporating two or more
subfields in order to solve a problem or answer a research question. Whether it is the marriage of formal and functional theory or a joint venture between
separate disciplines, working together provides researchers with a way to handle data and analyze findings in new and innovative ways.